ICAN DEPARTMENTS AND PROGRAMS                       

ICAN’s services help persons with psychiatric disabilities live independently in the community and advance in their personal recovery.

Outreach- Homeless outreach and client services 15%
Housing – Property development, management and maintenance 80%
Tenant Support Services 5%

Outreach/PATH employees reach out to people who are homeless on the street or in shelters. Homeless people also share with each other what they know about ICAN Housing. Outreach clients are people on their own, who lack other stable support systems to help them meet emergency needs. ICAN Housing provides a variety of services including food vouchers, emergency shelter and bus passes.

People participating in the outreach or PATH programs can obtain items needed for personal hygiene and basic comfort. Our Homeless Care Kits include such items as soap, shampoo, hand wipes, toilet tissue, socks, snacks and other items as available.

The Drop In Center: The center provides homeless people a place to get out of the cold or hot weather. Others are just lonely so they like to come and socialize. They may have a cup of coffee, read the paper and to talk to our staff. A PC is available to search for jobs, get updates on hot meal site schedules, clothing giveaways and other useful information. The Drop In Center also has a phone charging station and an accessible restroom.

To Access Outreach Services: Call (330) 455-9100 to make an appointment with a PATH/Outreach Specialist. You may also stop by our office during regular business hours which are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. If clients call after hours and leave a phone number we will follow up to make appointments.

Email Contact: outreach@ican-inc.org

Housing Programs  include ICAN-owned apartments, rental subsidy programs and property maintenance to insure safe, comfortable affordable housing.

Rental Assistance Program:This program assists very low-income people with the cost of rent. Eligible individuals and families must have a diagnosis of a severe and persistent mental illness. ICAN Housing requires a verification of their disability but tenants do not have to engage in treatment services, although it is encouraged. This program is limited to ICAN owned properties throughout Stark County. People must be literally homeless on the street or in an emergency shelter to qualify.

Supportive Housing Program- Westpark:Westpark is a housing development where people can pay rent based on their income.  Applicants must verify they are disabled by a severe and persistent mental illness. People must be literally homeless on the street or in an emergency shelter to qualify for this program. They also must be at or below the very low income limits established by HUD.

Supportive Housing Program: (Leasing Assistance). This housing subsidy serves both homeless and chronically homeless individuals who are on the street or in an emergency shelter. Chronically homeless people have experienced at least four episodes of homelessness in the last three years OR they have been homeless continuously for a year. They also must be at or below the very low income limits established by HUD.

Veterans’ Supportive Housing Program: provides long term, community based housing with supportive services for U.S. Veterans with disabilities. The program is otherwise similar to the Supportive Housing Program described above.

Housing Crisis Response Program (HCRP): This program is a community based voucher program. Participants who enroll must have a plan to reach self-sufficiency within 24 month. Continuation of this subsidy depends on quarterly documentation the participant is making progress on their income goals. Participants must be very low-income at entry, have a disability of mental illness and be homeless. Applications are reviewed on an individual basis and this program requires a pre-screening to assess housing needs and the likelihood participants can achieve greater self-sufficiency.

HUD 811 (named for section of legislation authorizing the program): This program houses single adults with severe disabilities meeting HUD’s very low income limits. Within this program, ICAN offers housing at two separate locations in Canton and Alliance. The HUD 811 does not require homeless status but a preference is given to these applicants. Acceptance criteria are stricter. Applicants can apply for a reasonable accommodation.

Affordable Housing Program:  This permanent housing program is offered in ICAN owned properties. Individuals must have severe and persistent mental illness and sufficient income to pay minimum rents. They must be homeless or at imminent risk of homelessness and have very low income.  

Veteran Family Homes: This program benefits low to moderate income veteran families. They are charged 30% of their household income as rent.

Basic Accommodations:  This building serves as a HUD Safe Haven created by HUD to serve hard-to-reach homeless persons with severe mental illness. They come directly from the streets and have been unable or unwilling to participate in housing or supportive services. The property offers 24 hour staffing and all applications for Basic Accommodations are reviewed in collaboration with supportive services on site at the property. This program serves single adults. It is not permanent housing but individuals do not have a time limit. The goal is for tenants to stabilize and then move onto independent housing.

James House is an Adult Care Facility for persons who need daily assistance but are not appropriate for a nursing home. The home is staffed 24 hours per day, and staff prepares meals, direct residents in self-care and monitor residents for following treatment plans correctly. Contact Coleman Professional services at (330) 452-7646 to obtain an application for James House.

TO ACCESS HOUSING SERVICES: Consumers may visit the applications tab on this website to download a copy of the Affordable Housing Application or obtain a copy in our office Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm at 1214 Market Ave N, Canton, Ohio 44714.

Visit the applications tab on this web site to download ICAN’s program applications. For additional information contact housing@ican-inc.org

Tenant support services provide specialized assistance to residents in ICAN apartments or rent subsidy programs to ensure long term success in maintaining a stable home. They include home visits, lease training and interventions when tenants are violating their leases and at risk of losing their homes.


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